Run what ya brung...


AR, FNFAL, M1A, AK, Garand, M1894: What are you carrying?

A human with a rifle is not a rifleman and surely cannot be a Ironsman, unless they are experienced with Iron Sights. Since not all rifles use the same sight calibration, we discuss a few popular options and their use. 


AR Rifles with factory Irons or Back-up Irons

The AR has a wide variety of sights, we will focus first on factory A1-M4 sight, from rifle to carbines. An elevation adjustable front sight is standard on the front triangle. The carry handle rear sight was originally windage only, but since A2, is both elevation and windage adjustable.


The FAL is limited by the simplicity of its sights. The front can be set for elevation, to calibrate the rear ramp, which has double opposing set screws to set for windage. Unlike the Garand/M1A, the FAL is more of a 'Set It and Forget It' system, unless simply ranging for a target beyond 200 yds.


M1A /M1 Garand

The finest of military issue adjustable sight systems. Rear sight feels like a micrometer as the knob clicks off the adjustments.

AK Variants

The third world revolutionary's preferred point and click device. The AK sights are a bit coarse, which requires very careful hold.